MAYUREE Visual Concepts & Consulting
Corporate Identity/Corporate Design:
conceptional design and consulting work tailored to the clients needs. Managing every aspect for your positive visibility. Mayuree provides project management, photographic & art direction, as well as high quality photo and video production services.

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Mayuree began her work in 2001 with a classic education as a Photography Assistent in Munich. Her last permanent position was for Condé Nast Germany as a dept. Director of Photography where she was in charge of all high fashion, celebrity and cover productions around the globe. After 10 years working for various editorial deapartments she decided to open a new visionary place based in Munich with the focus on creative and individual fitted concepts. She is now doing a lot of creative consulting work and also producing editorials for consumer magazines and advertising for global brands independently since 2011. She has managed to built a strong network of photographers and creative teams with solid understanding around her, where she is comfortable with global brand clients, A-level celebrities and some of the best photographers, styling and Hair+Make-up teams.
Mayuree speaks native German, fully fluent English and solid Thai.
Detailed CV upon request

Produced Photographers:

Bryan Adams, Andoni & Arantxa, Guy Aroch, Lorenzo Agius, Andreas Achmann, Cedric Arnold, Brian Bowen Smith,
Todd Barry, Max Cardelli, Jonty Davies, James Dimmock,
Greg Delves, Fabrice Dall'Anese, Michell Feinberg, Marina Faust
Dan Forbes, Jürgen Frank, Pavel Havlicek, Michel Haddi
Stefan Heinrichs, Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter, Chiun Kai Shih
Jörg Klaus, Neil Kirk, Marcello Krasilcic, Alexandra Kinga Fekete
Roger Moenks, Celina von Mannstein, Mary McCartney
Massimo Pamparana, André de Plessel, Warwick Saint, Giampaolo Sgura, Bruno Staub, Jürgen Schwope,
Thomas Rusch, Simon Thistleton, Ellen von Unwerth
Mariano Vivanco, Ben Watts, Greg Williams
:::and many more:::